Níyó Hair Presents: Beyond Hair

“Using hair as a tool for women to be queens”

Using a three-staged model, Níyó enterprise is a brand that prides itself in using innovative black hairdressing and styling (and other creative tools in the future) as a tool to economically empower young women overlooked by the community to create phenomenal, sustainable talent-driven enterprises.

In 2017 Níyó was featured in Black Beauty and Hair Magazine for their African Threading skills. The campaign was a modern twist on ancient hairstyles using powerful and influential women in entrepreneurship to boost the importance of understanding heritage and being proud of who they are.

Níyó is not just another hair brand, but an enterprise passionately committed to the amelioration of women in society and Beyond Hair is an event you DON’T want to miss!

For more information follow Níyó Hair on social media

Twitter: @niyo_hair

Instagram: @niyohair.official

Facebook: Niyo Hair

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