No edges? No problem! Ms Hair’s Hair Foundation is all you need for a thicker looking hairline

No edges? No problem! We’ve all made bad hair decisions at some point in our lives, and hopefully, have learned from our lessons and are on the straight and narrow towards wiser choices. Ms Hair provides the cover up you need while on that path using healthy ingredients to give you a natural believable hairline. 


Tell us a bit about yourselves

Ms Hair is a family run business founded by three siblings based in London. Prior to starting Ms Hair, the team had a professional background in Management Consulting, Business Development and Operational Management within the private and public sectors.


How did you come up with the idea for the brand?

The idea for Ms Hair came about when we realised that there was a problem within the black hair community around traction alopecia. My sister noticed that amongst friends and family members, a lot of women were experiencing hair loss and thinning hairlines mainly due to poor hair maintenance and excessive hair styling. We couldn’t find any affordable solutions on the high street that provided an immediate improvement to thinning curly and afro-textured hair. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop a product that would provide instant relief to those struggling with hair loss and thinning edges.


What are your products made of?

Our product is called Hair Foundation, it provides an instant solution to hair loss and thinning hair. In two quick and easy steps, Hair Foundation creates the appearance of fuller, thicker natural looking hair – giving users the confidence to wear their natural hair out.

Hair Foundation is made from natural ingredients, the active ingredients consist of Gossypium Herbaceum, Keratin, and an Antistatic Agent. We use an antistatic agent to help bond our Hair Foundation to individual hair follicles and mineral-based colourants to add colour. Keratin is a protein that already exists naturally in human hair and Gossypium Herbaceum is a plant-based fibre cotton. We do not use any nasty chemicals or artificial fillers.


Do they work on all hair types?

Hair Foundation can work with any hair type. However, it has been developed to look amazing on curly and afro-textured hair types in particular.


How about men?

Yes, Hair Foundation works for men too and looks great on short haircuts.


Edges are everything these days, are your products compatible with gels and edge controls?

Yes, our products are compatible with gels and edge controls. We recommend using Hair Foundation after you’ve prepared your hair and applied other styling and gel products.

We have also released our own Edge Control, which works extremely well with the Hair Foundation. It provides a strong-hold to keep frizzy edges at bay without flaking, so you can expect an all-day hold without the build-up, and it smells absolutely amazing!


What is the best thing people have said about your products?

The best thing customers tell us about their experience using the Hair Foundation Kit is that it has given them the confidence to wear their hair out naturally. We were really touched by the following review from a recent customer.

“I just wanted to say thank you!!!!!! because the products I bought was the Hair Foundation Kit, which has been a lifesaver for my edges. For many years, I have been so embarrassed about my hair especially my edges. I have tried everything under the sun, to try and hide my edges, but never worked. I stumbled on Ms Hair on Facebook and I quickly said I need this!! Now the process was quick, within three days or less I received the package. Now using the product I have received so many compliments from all that knows me. The products are the best and smells beautiful. Now friends and family are asking for what I used not only that… a random person just stopped me to say, “wow your hair is beautiful” which definitely boosted my confidence even more. Thank you, thank you, Ms Hair, you have played a massive part in building back my confidence about my hair. Stay blessed and highly favoured xx”

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What can we expect to see from MsHair in the next 12 months?

We recently launched additional hair colours to our Hair Foundation range including Blonde, Auburn and Grey. We’re currently working on a few new products to help resolve other haircare frustrations for women of colour. In the long term, we hope to build Ms Hair into a household brand within the UK and across the States.


How/Where can we find your products?

Visit our website

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Do you have a cheeky discount code for TBHB readers?

Of course, TBHB readers will receive a special 10% Discount off their first order when they enter the following discount code during checkout: TBHB10

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