Your hair probably feels different in the summer vs winter – that’s not unusual. The harshness of extreme weather conditions, be it the heat or the cold can be disastrous for both natural and relaxed hair if you’re not prepared. In the summer, you’re either dealing with dry heat and crunchy, thirsty hair, or infuriating […]

No edges? No problem! We’ve all made bad hair decisions at some point in our lives, and hopefully, have learned from our lessons and are on the straight and narrow towards wiser choices. Ms Hair provides the cover up you need while on that path using healthy ingredients to give you a natural believable hairline.    […]

All Shades Covered is… An online hair & beauty shopping destination for women of colour. We believe every woman deserves an enjoyable shopping experience and are passionate about bringing this to the hair industry. Our mission is to provide an exceptional shopping experience with great customer service and tested high quality products to customers globally. […]

My hair has always been healthy, partly because I stretched my relaxer (relaxed every 3-4 months) but hated relaxing my hair because it seemed to lose life and become limp – I especially hated straightening my hair. Late 2012 I was getting to the end of my stretch and just decided…you know what, I don’t […]